The Three Little Cowgirls

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The Three Little Cowgirls by Brian W Kechnie Jr  (1st First Edition)

Saddle up, ride along, and have some western style fun with The Three Little Cowgirls! Learn about their life on the family ranch and come along on their adventures. Everyday brings something new as they care for their animals and create memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Paperback

Brian Kechnie Jr. grew up on his family's horse ranch in Weatherford, Texas after they relocated from Ontario Canada when he was very young. Growing up on a ranch and living a western lifestyle made an impact on him that will last a lifetime. He earned a bachelors degree in Communication from the University of North Texas and spends much of his time writing Cowboy Poetry and working on his children's book series "The Three Little Cowgirls". He still resides in Weatherford with his wife and three daughters, who were the inspiration for his children's book series. He is an active member of his church, enjoys cutting horses, and loves spending time with his family. 

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