The History of Colt Firearms


America's first tycoon, Samuel Colt created the first practical revolvers, renowned today as the blue chips of gun collecting. Colonel Colt was at the forefront of those heralded gunmakers who revolutionized industry by pioneering in parts interchangeability and mass production during the Industrial revolution. Superbly illustrated, The History of Colt Firearms recounts the fascinating story of this most legendary name from the entire 650-year saga of firearms.Colts were the favorite revolver in the opening of the West and quickly gained an international reputation for ingenuity, reliability, and style. By the mid-nineteenth century, the inventor had factories in Hartford, Connecticut, and in London, England, after a shaky start in Paterson, New Jersey. To this day the company remains a vital name in the firearms industry, under the current corporate entity, Colt's Manufacturing Co., Inc. The standard rifle of today's U.S. Armed Forces (and that of many countries around the world) is Colt's high-tech M16 (the AR-15, in civilian and law enforcement versions), firing the modern .223 (5.56) cartridge.Complete with more than 150 full-color photographs documenting the colonel, his firearms, and those of his successors, this stunning book describes in vivid detail the broad range of Colt hand and long guns. Also depicted are gunmaking artifacts, designer drawings, and captivating images of the original users. The History of Colt Firearms makes a perfect addition to the library of Wild West enthusiasts, historians, and arms collectors. (83/4 X 12, 132 pages, color photos, b&w photos, illustrations)

Dean K. Boorman is president of the Armor and Arms Club in New York. He has worked with the Metropolitan Museum of Art and is a member of the prestigious Society of Arms Collectors and a noted historian on antique firearms. He resides in New Jersey.

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