Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls


Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls: Life Lessons Learned on the Back of a Horse. Tom Maier, Rebekah Ferran Witter, William Shepley, authors. Foreward by Larry Mahan.

In the 20 years since Tom Maier established the Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls, he has trained more than 300 young women to do astounding riding tricks. Maier also teaches these simple truths: that values are taught through the disciplined pursuit of a goal, and that you don't give kids confidence and self-esteem, you show them how to earn it.

Coming from diverse backgrounds, the Cowboy Girls are renowned for their trick riding and roping act, AND they are the real thing. Here is both the grit and the glory of world-class trick riding, plus real cowboy work - handling herds of horses and cattle, saddling mustangs, and driving stagecoaches. Told through rich text, entries from the diary of a current Cowboy Girl, the memories of Riata Ranch alumnae, and full-color photographs throughout, the story is spectacular and inspiring.

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