Powder Puff and Spurs


Powder Puff and Spurs - The Story of James Cathey and the Girls Rodeo Associations. Craig W. Cathey & Gordon Cathey, authors.

They called themselves girls.

They were daughters of the west, lovers of challenge, and mothers of women's competitive role in the modern sport of rodeo.

The Girls Rodeo Assocciation was established in San Angelo, Texas in 1948. Known today at the Women's Professional Rodeo Association, it is America's oldest women's professional sports association, in any sport.

The renowned photojournalist, James Cathey, championed the young GRA, served as its Publicity Director, and helped to make sure that it's launch was successful and its legacy long-lasting.

A new book by Cathey's sons tells the story of the first ladies of the GRA, illustrated by Cathey's amazing historical photgraphs.

Foreward by Gail Hughbanks Woerner.

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