Hallie Stillwell: My Goose is Cooked


My Goose is Cooked. Continuation of a West Texas Ranch Woman's Story, by Hallie Crawford Stillwell.

When Hallie Crawford Stillwell died on August 18, 1997, she was two months and two days short of her 100th birthday. Hallie had published the first volume of her memoirs, I'll Gather My Geese, in 1991. In that volume she told the story of her life as a pioneer ranch woman and wife in the Big Bend country from the time of her marriage in 1918 to the death of her husband Roy Stillwell in 1948.

Before HALLIE STILLWELL became too infirm to write, she completed ten chapters of the second volume of her memoirs. She herself titled that work My Goose Is Cooked. BETTY HEATH has assembled stories written by Hallie, collected newspaper articles, and gathered personal remembrances of Hallie to round out the volume.

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  • paperback
  • 146 pages

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