Infant Moccasins


These moccasins are the real deal - handmade in Minnesota with a traditional soft leather sole intended for outdoor use. They’re much more rugged than people give them credit for and they have a terrific barefoot feel. Remember, for centuries the footwear used by Native Americans was the moccasin! They make terrific gifts and are perfect for baby showers - a gift that almost certain to not show up in duplicate.

This leather looks super tough but it's really super soft. It's an oiled hide with a high level of "pull up" that changes the appearance of the leather as the oils get moved around the hide; it's one of those leathers that keeps getting better looking with time! We envision these being worn by both baby boy and baby girl! These soft-soled baby mocs are the next best thing to barefoot in terms of the baby learning to balance when starting to walk and also for musculoskeletal development.

Some pediatricians recommend bare-footing for babies so that they can better develop balance; also the absence of a hard sole allows the musculature of the feet and legs to develop optimally. These soft-soled moccasins are as close to barefoot as you can get and still offer the foot some protection and warmth.

These moccasins should not be more slippery than any other leather-soled shoe. If the sole leather is smooth, you might want to gently scuff up the sole on cement or blacktop – it’s just like a regular pair of leather-soled shoes in that regard. If you wear your moccasins only indoors on carpet, over time they will develop a shiny finish on the sole. If that happens, simply scuff them up outside to rough them up a bit. Finally, we have noticed that painted lines in cement (i.e. in the crosswalk) get slick when wet, but hopefully your infant won't be crossing any streets just yet.

Party - Fuschia, Hot Pink and turquoise cowhide suede, leather laces.

Cowboy - Toast and Brown full grain cowhide and suede, leather laces.

Yule  - Jade Cherry and Cream full grain cowhide, leather laces.

  • Traditional soft sole for barefoot feel
  • Single sole construction
  • Intended for indoor/outdoor use
  • Easy on and easy off and it stays put with the ankle tie.
  • Lightly padded synthetic insole
  • Balance 100% natural leather
  • Sizes are based on the length of babys feet:
    • Small fits feet up to 3.5" in length
    • Medium fits feet up to 4" in length
    • Large fits feet up to 4.75 in length
    • Extra Large fits feet up to 5.5" in length. If baby's feet are longer than 5.5", please contact us for a custom size.

Interested in a Mommy and Me look? let us know and we can work on a custom order.

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