Criollo Kids Shirt, Sherry Cervi

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Great for Sunday Best, or any occasion where you want your little cowpoke looking a little - extra. A versatile stripe fabric in all cotton from Sherry Cervi and Resistol.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Western yokes,
  • pearl snaps
  • contrast cuffs to start them out right.

Cervi is a champion barrel racer and much more... She is in the Honoree Class of 2018, to be inducted into our Hall of Fame!

Here's what Cervi had to say to American Cowboy about her shirt line: "That’s a Resistol by Sherry Cervi brand shirt, a line they did for me. They’ve got a little bit longer shirttail that stays tucked in while you’re riding. The sleeves are a little longer. I really like them, they’ve done a really good job."

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