Black Women in Texas History


2009 Liz Carpenter Award for the best scholarly book on the history of women and Texas, presented by the Texas State Historical Association

African American women are a significant part of the rich, multiethnic heritage of Texas and the United States. Until now, though, their story has frequently been fragmented and underappreciated. Black Women in Texas History draws together a multi-author narrative of the experiences and impact of black American women from the time of slavery until the recent past.

The authors address significant questions about population demographics, employment patterns, family and social dimensions, legal and political rights, and individual accomplishments. They look not only at how African American women have been shaped by the larger culture but also at how these women have, in turn, affected the culture and history of Texas.

Each chapter, written by an expert on the era, provides a readable survey and overview of the lives and roles of black Texas women during that period.

“As you read this well constructed historical account of the rise of black women from slavery to the present positions, you feel like cheering as each ‘rung goes higher and higher. This short excerpt tells it all . . . . fine book.” --Manhattan Mercury

 "This well researched volume of essays...would be of great help to other experienced or fledgling scholars. This insightful and interesting volume...would be of great interest to a wide range of audiences." -- Sara Pace, Review of Texas Books

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