Barbra Schulte: Cutting, One Run At A Time


Written by cutting horse trainer, teacher, international clinician and author, Barbra Schulte, Cutting, One Run At A Time is sure to become every cutter's personal cutting resource guide with all the information, tips, pictures, illustrations, and quotes needed to boost their cutting expertise...guaranteed. Plus, riders from any discipline will benefit from the first five chapters which are geared toward helping riders master high-performance skills and incorporate Barbra's Mentally Tough program into their everyday riding.

Schulte was inducted into our Cowgirl Hall of Fame in 2013.

Divided into two major sections, the first section covers critical foundation skills outside of the cutting arena. It will help you to: Identify your goals
Build a strong support system
Choose a horse that suits your needs
Develop basic riding skills
Learn the mental skills of great competitors

Then the second half will give you many indispensable tips about how to ride and show in the arena. It will help you to: Master riding a trained cutting horse
Maintain your trained cutting horse
Develop your own showmanship style
Study cattle to be more in control
Execute confident herdwork strategies

Plus, you'll enjoy: Quotes from champion non-pro and pro riders like Paul Hansma, Lindy Burch, Winston Hansma, Kobie Woods, and Dick Gaines.

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