Rodeo by Louise Serpa


Louise Serpa, (Author, Photographer), and Introduction by Larry McMurtry

"[Serpa's photographs have] extended what Eadweard Muybridge did with horses in the 1870s, and with the human form in the 1880s: in her own way, Serpa has revolutionized thinking about bodies in motion."--The New Yorker

Hall of Fame Honoree Louise Serpa was the first woman sanctioned by the RCA to photograph rodeo action inside the arena. Serpa spent forty years photographing professional rodeos from inside the ring. In Rodeo she takes us into the world of one of the first truly American sports.

Louise Serpa was a trailblazing photographer. The first woman to be sanctioned to shoot photographs inside pro rodeo grounds, she was also a feisty cowgirl with a style all her own. Her work helped make the careers of many cowboys and her story is a classic tale of Western spunk and achievement.

Serpa was inducted into our Hall of Fame in 2000 for her 40 years of photographing rodeos and creating unforgettable images. She has been referred to at "The Ansel Adams of the sport". Read about her here.

  • softcover
  • 88 pages

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