Sunny Hale: How To Gain Confidence, signed


 If you have experienced a little doubt creeping into your horse experience, then this is the book for you. Wether it is doubt working around horses or actual fears and worry from a past incident, this book can help you overcome those doubts and begin to enjoy your horse experience to the fullest. This book includes a very straight forward four step process that will help bring back or start to create the confidence you are looking for when you work with horses. “How to Gain Confidence as a Rider, is for horse lovers of any skill level who are struggling with a lack of confidence.

What sets Sunny Hale apart from the pack is her achievements at the top of what has traditionally been a male dominated sport. Hale was hired as a professional to compete on polo teams for over 20 seasons alongside some of the greatest male players of all time. Her most famous victory in Polo is the day she became the first woman in history to win the US Open Polo Championships, American Polo's most coveted trophy and professional title.

Since that historic win, a movement has ignited in polo around the world for women. She was hired by the Outback Steakhouse Polo Team at the request of the world's #1 player of all time Adolfo Cambiaso. This would be the equivalent of a woman being hired to play in the NBA, World Series or the Superbowl as a starter among the men and winning the championships. With no template to follow she not only achieved her personal dream, in what has been called the second most dangerous sport only to auto racing, but she amassed one of the most impressive winning records and literally changed history forever in the process. The New York Times called Sunny "the most famous female polo player in the world". ESPNW compares her accomplishment as "some say she's pulled off the equivalent of being the first woman to earn a World Series Ring."

Sunny Hale is a 2012 National Cowgirl Hall of Fame inductee.See more about Sunny Hale.

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