The Original Cowgirl: Lucille Mulhall


The Original Cowgirl: The Wild Adventures of Lucille Mulhall by Heather Lang; illustrated by Suzanne Beaky

Who says girls can’t be cowboys? WE DO!

Lucille Mulhall wasn’t like most girls in the 1890s. She didn’t give a lick about sewing or cooking or becoming a lady. Lucille had her heart set on roping and riding. At a time when most women couldn’t vote or own property, Lucille never let society’s expectations or the dangers of roping and riding stop her from pursuing her passion. Traveling around the country, she broke records and thrilled crowds with her daring acts. Soon cowboys, ranch hands, and folks all over the world cheered for the feisty and fearless girl cowboy.

Perfect for ages 4 to 8, about 3rd grade. 32 pages.

Learn about Lucille Mulhall and lots of other women who blazed their own trails in our Hall of Fame, here.

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