A Hundred Years of Heroes


A Hundred Years of Heroes: a history of the Southwestern Exposition ahd Livestock Show by Clay Reynolds and Marie Schein. 

Since 1896 the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo has gone through many lean years, but it has grown and prospered in spite of the odds, thanks to the efforts of a handful of visionary and stubborn men. The list of the show’s officers boasts such names as S. Burk Burnett, Van Zandt Jarvis, Amon Carter, Billy Bob Watt and John Justin, among others. (We can tell you about the women beside them).

It is an event that attracts hundreds of thousands of curious visitors, young and old each year and thousands of exhibitors, both student 4-H members and veteran cattle rasiers, both men and women of every age. They come for a look at the show’s grand entries and grand and junior champions, not to mention the rodeos, one of the premier events on the professional circuit. And, of course, they come to gawk at or to buy livestock of every imaginable breed: bulls, cows, steers, goats, sheep, poultry, rabbits, even llamas.

352 pages, softcover.

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