Cowgirl Museum Bandana White

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These bandanas are 100% cotton so they are suitable to use as a protective mask. If you sew, you can use these cuties to make your own. If you aren't into sewing a mask, here's a quick folding method you can use. 

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Cowgirls and Cowboys and countless others have used the indispensable bandana to keep their hair back, to protect their eyes or neck from dust and dirt on the trail, and so many other uses.

Designed around our Desert Rose logo in the traditional style, wear our own bandana print. We appreciate the perfect balance of beauty and perseverance of this flower that blossoms in the face of adversity, year after year.

100% cotton bandana, printed in USA exclusively for National Cowgirl Museum. Royal blue with light blue and white printing.

Measures 22" x 22" inches

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